Шуменски УниверситетРеференция от ОИЦ - Шумен за добре свършена работаWe successfully finished another contract for the delivery and installation of public sensory terminals / kiosks / to Shumen University. Several days ago we installed  three interactive kiosks model InfoDart WHi190, which feature a new, more elegant and lightweight design. The metal housing is provided for wall mounting is decorated with black front panel of Plexiglas and has dimensions barely 850x550x100 mm (H x W x D). It has a locking mechanism against unauthorized opening of the kiosk and is branded with the logo of the sponsor of the contract. With built-in a 19" SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) touch screen display, the built-in computer has a dual-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB hard drive capable to satisfy any kiosk-use.