Референция от Мини Марица Изток за добре свършена работа

Русенски Университет 'Ангел Кънчев'

At the University of Rousse is installed our greatest University Information System-based on interactive terminals and public systems. All around the campus are located 22 kiosks InfoDart WHi190CU and 28 public displays. The interactive kiosks present all hulls of university. When a building is selected (touched) visualize many photos and full information of the hull, map location, rooms, etc. Also there are available all schedules needed:

  • Full schedule of the educational process - important dates schedule, winter / summer semester examination and remedial sessions, vacations, holidays and off-days, thesis defenses, etc.
  • Schedule of classes - by year, group, faculty number, etc. - A full schedule of each student dates, days of the week and hours of the respective cabinets and housings
  • Information for prospective students - Calendar of admission has, news, ratings, ranking

With just a few taps on the screen of the kiosk you may reach the university's phonebook - the phone number of each teacher, office or employee of the university. Searching the directory is implemented on several indicators - divisions, departments, faculty departments or by name only. There is a link to the official website of the university, to timetables of public transport, intercity transport and Railways schedule - information extremely useful for new students.

The Digital Signage system, installed on all public displays manage very successfully to present everything related to the learning process of each location in the University.

  • Presentations of various departments
  • Information about upcoming events at the University
  • Important messages
  • RSS feeds of education field and fields of the university
  • Photos and videos from past major events
  • Congratulations on holidays
  • Information for student applicants
  • Information about the clubs at the University
  • Exchange rates, weather, etc.

Days before the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the University of Rousse (on 11/11/2015) our company installed two 55-inch interactive kiosk - model InfoDart WVi555. They are located in the foyer of the central housing.