Референция от Лесотехнически Университет - София за добре свършена работаЛесотехнически Университет - СофияAt the University of Forestry - Sofia is installed our University Information System. There have been Installed six information kiosks (model InfoDart WHi190C) and four public displays with digital signage system. At every key point in the university each one, a student or teacher can access any kind of information, with just a look at public display or with a few touches of a kiosk will find news, upcoming international scientific conferences, events, seminars, summer internships, achievements and awards of the university management, etc. Our system has centralized management of public displays and interactive terminals (kiosks), in the absence of activity of a terminal, the display starts visualizing the content that is being shown on the public displays. For the quality of our work in Forestry University talks the given reference.