At the University of Rousse is installed our greatest University Information System-based on interactive terminals and public systems. All around the campus are located 22 kiosks InfoDart WHi190CU and 28 public displays. The interactive kiosks present all hulls of university. When a building is selected (touched) visualize many photos and full information of the hull, map location, rooms, etc. Also there are available all schedules needed:
Full schedule of the educational process - important dates schedule, winter / summer semester examination and remedial sessions, vacations, holidays and off-days, thesis defenses, etc.
Schedule of classes - by year, group, faculty number, etc. - A full schedule of each student dates, days of the week and hours of the respective cabinets and housings
Information for prospective students - Calendar of admission has, news, ratings, ranking
With just a few taps on the screen of the kiosk you may reach the university's phonebook - the phone number of each teacher, office or employee of the university. Searching the directory is implemented on several indicators - divisions, departments, faculty departments or by name only. There is a link to the official website of the university, to timetables of public transport, intercity transport and Railways schedule - information extremely useful for new students.

Several pictures (screenshots) of screen information kiosks installed at each key point in University of Rousse "Angel Kanchev":